Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Extended exposure to sounds over 85 dB (the volume of heavy city traffic, a garbage disposal or a carwash) can cause hearing damage. Exposing your ears to water, wind and cold also puts your hearing at risk. Wearing protective hearing devices such as earmolds can ensure your ears are safe. Read more to learn about the custom-made earmolds and earplugs we offer.

Sleep Plugs | Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

Sleep Plugs

Sleep plugs are comfortable enough that you can relax while providing sound protection for uninterrupted sleep. These block out loud noises and are ideal for those who have a partner that snores.

Swimmer & Surfer Plugs | Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

Swimmer & Surfer Plugs

Swim and surf plugs are a necessity for those that participate in water sports. They prevent water from becoming trapped in the ear, which can cause infection or even hearing loss, as well as guard against cold wind. These plugs are designed to float so that they are easily retrievable should they fall out.

Concert Plugs & Monitors | Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

Concert Plugs & Monitors

The average concert is 120 decibels – far above the threshold of damage-inflicting noise. For music-aficionados, concert plugs are essential to preserve your hearing so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite music.

Musician monitors not only help you protect your hearing, but can also enhance your performance. Musicians can customize which sounds they hear, essentially tuning out crowd cheers and other distractions.

Hunter Plugs & Monitors | Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

Hunter Plugs & Monitors

Hunters plugs block out dangerously loud noises. Even small-caliber gunshots can cause hearing damage. The earplugs still allow safe sounds in to keep hunters aware of their surroundings.

Hunters rely on their senses to detect prey. Hunters monitors suppress loud sounds while enhancing subtle sounds.