We are open for business Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm. Our office is following cleaning and sanitizing procedures to protect patient safety and we have implemented a drop-off system to limit interpersonal contact. We are offering our regular services with increased protective measures for our patients.

We are open, staffed, and ready to continue serving our community’s hearing health needs.

Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

At Hearing Services of Santa Barbara, we are dedicated to your overall hearing health. We want you to enjoy life and interact socially with confidence. We promise to professionally analyze your specific hearing loss, provide educated and informed solutions, and guarantee a "perfect fit" and after care for you and your hearing aids.

If you have never had a hearing aid evaluation done, you may be wondering what you should expect. The good news is that there is nothing unpleasant about such an evaluation, and you will probably even find it informative and interesting – consider it an opportunity to learn more about your hearing, what you need to improve it, and the various solutions that are available to you. The Hearing Aid Evaluation appointment is complimentary also!

Your Hearing Matters

If you can’t hear properly, you are unable to communicate effectively. Poor hearing is a constant challenge – you have to keep asking people to repeat what they have said, you need to have your television and radio turned up to levels that are uncomfortable for others, and your safety can even be compromised. Imagine, for instance, trying to cross the street and being unable to hear someone who is trying to alert you to dangerous oncoming traffic.

Hearing Loss is Natural

One thing to keep in mind if you are concerned that your hearing might not be as good as it once was is that you aren’t alone. Hearing loss is a natural consequence of aging, and it can even occur in people who are much younger – many people first notice hearing loss to some degree when they are just in their 30s or 40s. You might be surprised to know that nearly 65% of people who experience hearing loss haven’t even reached retirement age. So don’t worry that hearing loss will automatically identify you as an “old” person.

Now, having said that, hearing loss doesn’t happen all at once. You might not even realize that your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, until someone else points it out to you. Once it is pointed out, though, it is up to you to do something about it. There is simply no sense in ignoring the symptoms. After all, if you have a problem with your teeth, you see the dentist, don’t you? And if your eyesight seems to be failing, you see an ophthalmologist. So why wouldn’t you consult an audiologist if your hearing is becoming problematic? It just makes sense to have your hearing tested.

The Benefits

If you find yourself avoiding conversation, limiting your social activities, or feeling frustrated when you try to communicate, you could be affected by hearing loss. Now, think about being able to communicate effectively, not having to be embarrassed by “mishearing” and responding inappropriately, feeling invigorated instead of worn out after a conversation, and being able to hear the wind, the birds, the rustling of leaves, and all the other glorious sounds of nature. If that sounds good to you, then consider calling Hearing Services of Santa Barbara at for a consultation.