Starkey Hearing Technologies was founded in 1967 and is the only American-owned major hearing aid manufacturer in the world.

Body and Brain Health Tracking

The Livio AI is the first hearing aid to ever feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Together they provide superior sound quality and provide wearers with the ability to track their body and brain health.

Rechargeable Reimagined

Starkey’s new Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids last 20% longer than others models and are 30% smaller and 100% easier to use.

Unprecedented Sound Quality

The new Hearing Reality technology provides an average 50% reduction in noisy environments, significantly reduced listening effort and newly enhanced clarity of speech.

Patient-Focused Accessories

The new line of accessories connect easily to smartphones, televisions and other media devices.

Users report 98% satisfaction with the sound quality from these accessories. The new lines of products includes TV, Remote Microphone+ and Remote.