Siemens has been manufacturing hearing aids with a focus on research and development backed by quality German engineering since 1913. In 2015, Signia was launched as a more forward thinking and customer centered brand.  

Natural Hearing Experience

New hearing aid technology Signia Nx delivers the most natural hearing experience and outstanding speech quality.

Direct streaming

Phone calls, music and TV can be easily streamed to your hearing aids with the myControl™ App. Available for iOS® and Android™ phones, the app puts the controls in your hands.

Stylish, High-Tech Hearing

The new Styletto is the world’s first slim receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid. Styletto represents the industry’s first significant advancement in the design of wearable hearing technology in decades.

Wireless Charging

Pure Charge&Go comes with an inductive charger. Your hearing aids will start charging automatically when you place them in the charger and turn on automatically when you take them out.

Bluetooth enabled

The Insio™ Nx are Bluetooth enabled, in-the-ear hearing aids that provide exceptional sound quality with a discreet design.