Top 5 Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a progressive condition, which means its symptoms typically appear gradually. This is why it takes an average of seven years for an individual to seek help – they simply do not realize they are losing their hearing.

Santa Barbara audiologists agree the sooner you detect your hearing loss, the better your treatment outcomes are. Understanding the symptoms of hearing loss will help you identify them, in both you and your loved ones.

Below are the most common symptoms of hearing loss.

Frequently asking people to repeat themselves.

Top 5 Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Missing bits and pieces of a conversation can be infuriating. In order to compensate for the missing parts, you will most likely begin asking people to repeat themselves. This can be just as frustrating on their end as it is on yours. Contact your Santa Barbara audiologist to help alleviate the burden you are placing on your friends and family.

Feeling like others mumble when they speak.

A common complaint heard by Santa Barbara audiologists is that everyone around their patient has started to mumble. While we don’t want to discount the possibility that everyone in your life has become a mumbler overnight, the most likely scenario is that it is you. Hearing loss makes it harder for you to hear others, especially women and children.

Having trouble following conversations with background noise.

It should come as no surprise that it is harder to carry on a conversation in a busy coffee shop than it is in a quiet room. Those with hearing loss find it even more challenging, as their brain has to work harder to distinguish speech from sounds. This can lead to both mental and physical exhaustion.

Turning the volume on the television or radio up.

I don’t know about you, but this always reminds me of my grandfather. Heaven help the person who turned the TV on after he was finished as there was a 50/50 shot you would blow out your eardrum. Now I understand that he could not help it. He simply turned the television up that high because of his hearing loss. If you have done this, now is the time to contact your Santa Barbara audiologist.

Avoiding social gatherings.

Leaving your hearing loss untreated can lead to an increase in feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. These feelings are often escalated when those with hearing loss begin to turn down invitations to social events, as it is easier to stay home than to deal with the frustration that comes from trying to communicate with others.

Knowing the signs of hearing loss can help you identify if you or a loved one is experiencing a problem. Contact your Santa Barbara audiologist to learn more about hearing loss or to schedule an appointment today.

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